Ukulele tabs and chords

Hi, my name is Natalia Shcherbakova. I play the guitar since childhood. I met a classical guitar at the age of 12, when my parents sent me to a music school (yes, notes, nylon strings, stand under the left foot - everything is as it should be).

Having graduated for 4 years and having mastered the basics of guitar art, I got such a wonderful instrument as a ukulele in my hands. I immediately realized that this was what I need. First, the ukulele is half as much, and I'm a small fragile girl, and I'm sick of wearing a huge guitar. Secondly, with the seeming simplicity and primitiveness, ukulele is almost not inferior to the guitar in sound, and most guitar compositions can be played on it.

On this site I tried to collect matched tabs and chords on the ukulele from me and some of my friends. If you notice a mistake, somewhere in the chords or lyrics, please do not be lazy and tell me about it. I will fix it.