Halfway To Crazy - Jesus And Mary Chain, guitar chords

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Published: 2014-08-28 14:38
Selection chords: Sofia Davis

B F# E F#7

Intro: B F# E F#

B      F# E     F#
Crazy,      Iʼm halfway to
B        F# E     F#
crazy           Suicide could
B      F#  E
save me
       F#          B         F# E
Oh but that is too extreme
             F#           B   F# E
Itʼs such a sad and sorry scene

Lovers, tongue tied and tied to the tongue
Making deals going bad the dawn
Every dawn must have itʼs day
And then itʼs got to pay and pay

Thatʼs me being torn at the seams
Going mad in the middle of a dream
Catch me getting it wrong from the start
F#7                                         E
Catch me ʼcause Iʼm falling apart


Crazy, Iʼm halfway to crazy
Suicide would waste me
Homicide would break me
Tongue tied and tied to the the tongue
Oh is life as bad as dreams
I guess thatʼs just the way it seems

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