Love Is Strange - Holly Buddy, guitar chords

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Published: 2014-05-08 17:52
Selection chords: Tsumugi Nakata


A D E x4

A    D     E       A        D
Love hmhmm Love is strange hmhmm
E      A        D   E            A        D
Lot of people hmhmm take it for a game.
E            A   D    E                A     D
Once you get it hmhmm your in an awfull fix hmhmm
E                A    D   E                 A      D
after youʼve had it hmhmm you never want to quit
E    A        D   E          A        D
Many people hmhmm donʼt understand no no
E          A          D   E               A       D
They think loving yay yay is money in the hand
E          A         D  E               A        D
Your sweet loving hmhmm is better than a kiss yay yay
E              A    D   E                A        D
When you leave me hmhmm sweet kisses iʼll miss.

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