2 Days Into College - Aimee Carty, ukulele chords

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Published: 2024-02-15 15:46
Selection chords: Sarah Harris

C G Am F E7 Dm

C                                 G
Iʼm two days into college and Iʼm three lectures behind,
             Am                                F
Thereʼs this guy, letʼs name him Colin, he says he wants to be mine.
                      C                                                 G
But it doesnʼt really sit with me quite right, ʼCause he doesnʼt really like the things I like.
And I keep accidentally locking myself out of my dorm in the middle of the night.

  C                         G
I wake up kinda wired and I wake up kinda cold,
      Am                               F
And I wake up kinda tired but Iʼll just sleep in when Iʼm old.
       C                                        G
See, I donʼt like breaking rules but donʼt like doing as Iʼm told,
          Am                                     F
So I just float around and keep my head down, and hope my life unfolds.

    C                           E7
And everybodyʼs telling me that Iʼm doing so well
   Am                           F
I try to trust them, honestly, I find it hard to tell.
   C                             G
If I need work or I need rest, I try my best to try my best.
   Am                               F
I tell myself, I say out loud, "Itʼs fine, Iʼll figure it all out."

Dm                   G
I tend to forget, Iʼm still only quite young,
Am            G               F         G
In a way, this life of mine has only just begun.
         F              G
Iʼve got time, Iʼve got time.

    C                            G
Iʼm two days into college with a busy, busy mind,
     Am                              F
That guy that we named Colin, heʼs so handsome, heʼs so kind.
   C                                   G
My friends tell me Iʼm crazy, say Iʼll take it way too far,
ʼCause I told him that itʼs over ʼcause he doesnʼt play guitar.

         C                            G
Iʼm only two days into college and my bedroom is a mess,
             Am                            F
Thereʼs just so much that I want to Do that I have not done yet.
             C                              G
Thereʼs just so much that I want to say and far too little breath,
      Am                             F
Oh my mind, it runs so far away, itʼs easy to forget.

        C                            E7
That to everybody else it looks like Iʼm doing so well,
  Am                        F
I try to see it, honestly, I find it hard to tell.
   C                                     G
If Iʼve done wrong or Iʼve done right, I need a good nightʼs sleep tonight.
     Am                            F
They said Go out, I said alright, I think I wonʼt, I maybe might.
  Dm                          F             G
I probably should just take it slow, Iʼll be all good, but God I know.

    F                  G            Am  G    F
The one thing thatʼs important above everything else,
      F                G             Am      G   F
Is to learn not to put all this heavy pressure on myself.
         Dm            G
I try believe it when I say,
                  Am           G     F
"If itʼs meant to happen, itʼll happen anyway.
Iʼll be fine,
Iʼve got time,
         Am   G F G
Iʼve got time.

Thatʼs where Iʼm at, to be honest,
Just two days
Two days into college.

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