Goin Gone - Griffith Nanci, ukulele chords

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Published: 2014-02-18 19:00
Selection chords: Sofia Davis

F C Em Dm Gsus4 Am G

F           F                  C      C
  Thereʼs a lighthouse in the harbor
F          F                C     C
  Giving guidance with its light
Em          Em           F       F
  But I had no one to return to
Dm       Dm                  Gsus4
  As I wandered through the night

From the first time that I saw you
Standing silent by the shore
I knew my search was over
And I would look for love no more

F              F         C         C
  Deep in the waters of love I am falling
F          F       C    C
  Sinking like a stone
F              F        C   Em    Am
  Deep in my heart I can hear love calling
         F            C         F    F
  Going once, going twice, going gone
         F            G           C    C    C    C
  Going once, going twice, going gone

Thereʼs a ship on the horizon
Making its way against the wind
And from the place where I stand watching
I swear my ship is coming in

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