Janine - Bowie David, ukulele chords

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Published: 2012-05-01 17:13
Selection chords: Sofia Davis

D C G F#m E7 A F

D  C  G C D x2

        D                F#m               G
Oh my love, Janine, Iʼm helpless for your smile
 E7              E7         A       G             D
Like a Polish wanderer I travel onwards to your land
             A                G                    F#m
And were it not just for the jewels Iʼd close your hand

Your strange demand to ʼcollocateʼ my mind
Scares me into gloom, youʼre too intense
Iʼll have to keep you in your place
Iʼve no defence, Iʼve got to keep my veil on my face

 D       D           G        C      G
Janine, Janine, youʼd like to know me well
      C               G                  F             C
But Iʼve got things inside my head that even I canʼt face
  D      D           G       C         G
Janine, Janine, youʼd like to crash my walls
     C               G               F            C
But if you take an axe to me youʼll kill another man
           D    C   G C D  D  C  G C D
Not me at all

Youʼre fey, Janine, a tripper to the last
But if I catch you standing on my toes
Iʼll have a right to shout you down
For youʼre a lazy stream, in which my thoughts would drown

So stay, Janine, and we can glide along
Iʼve caught your wings for laughs
Iʼm not obliged to read you statements of the year
So take your glasses off and donʼt act so sincere


D  C  G C D

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