Ontario Quebec And Me - Bragg Billy, ukulele chords

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Published: 2012-05-22 19:52
Selection chords: Tsumugi Nakata

G D Em C Am

G                   D         G
You donʼt need my Christmas card,
       Em    D         C
You already have my heart.
G                   D         G
This has been an holiday romance,
Am                  C   D
Try from the very start.

                 C             G
For we know how to spend the time,
      Em             C
Who cares about the weather.
     G                             D         G
Weʼll dance in the town ʼtill the sun goes down,
      Em       D      C
And push our bed together.

 G                              D      G
From the land of the midnight sunglasses,
         Em      D       C
To the mountain of the moon.
 G                       D        G
You could never stay in bed too long,
       Am                 C     D
Iʼll never come back too soon.


G          Em    D     G
You know how a fool I am,
           C        D      G
With my short attention span.
           C        D        Em
Flying in the really season too,
                 C       D        G
Nothing could keep me away from you.


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