Sunflower Feelings - Kuzu Mellow, ukulele chords

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Published: 2018-06-24 16:13
Selection chords: Sarah Harris

F G C Am

Intro: F G C Am x2

F                       G
We been dancing for so long under the stars
C                         Am
I feel as if grass will cut through my skin
F                          G
All the pills we take have seem to prolong
C                 Am
Our existance but I donʼt feel alright
F                     G
I would rather be alone and have you
C                 Am
Everytime I speak I feel myself fall
F                        G
Do you wish to find the truth in my lies
C                     Am
Sorry darling thereʼs no truth here no

F             G                     C
Itʼs just the two of us whatʼs my dear
Listen to me donʼt you hear
F       G
I only fell for you
C       Am            F
I only fell for you baby
           G               C
Donʼt you let them see a fear
         Am             F
Promise not to shed a tear
I only fell for you
C         Am
I only fell for you baby

Outro: F G C Am x2

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