Tequila Sunrise - Eagles, acordes de guitarra

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Publicado: 2010-05-23 15:00
Seleccion acordes: Henry Walker

G D Am D7 Em C Bm E B A

 Itʼs another tequila sunrise
D                         Am  D7         G
 Starinʼ slowly ʼcross the sky,  said goodbye
 He was just a hired hand
D                                  Am  D7            G
 Workin on the dreams he planned to try,  the days go by

Em                    C 
 Every night when the sun goes down
Em            C             Em
 Just another lonely boy in town
     Am                D7
 And sheʼs out runninʼ round

 She wasnʼt just another woman
D                                Am D7             G
 And I couldnʼt keep from cominʼ on,  itʼs been so long
 Oh and itʼs a hollow feelinʼ
D                              Am      D7         G
 When it comes down to dealinʼ friends,  it never ends

Am            D   
 Take another shot of courage
Bm              E                 Am   B              Em   A
 Wonder why the right words never come,  you just get numb

 Itʼs another tequila sunrise
D                               Am   D7        G
 This old world still looks the same,  another frame

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