Sin City - Bragg Billy, ukulele chords

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Published: 2012-05-24 17:05
Selection chords: Henry Walker

G D C G7

Intro: G D G C G D C G

          G                  D
This old town ʼs filled with sin
       G           C
Itʼll swallow you in
      G                    D
If you got some money to burn
         G           D
Take it home right away
            G             C
Youʼve got three years to pay
     G            D        G   G7
The city is waiting his turn

       C                       D              G          G7
This old earthquake ʼs gonna leave me in the poor house
       C            G             D
It seems like this old town ʼs insane
          C            D      G           C
On the thirty-first floor, a gold plated door
        G            D              G     G D G C G D C G
Wonʼt keep out the lordʼs burning rain

   G           D            G        C
The scientist say, it will all wash away
    G                     D
But we donʼt, believe anymore
       G          D
So we got our recruit
       G            C
And a green mohair suit
     G                D           G    G7
So please show your I.D. at the door


     G           D                G            C
A friend came around, tried to clean up this town
      G                     D
His ideas made some people mad
          G            D           G          C
But he thrusted his crowd, so he spoke right out loud
        G            D              G       G7
And they lost the best friend they had


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